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The test

LDA-SWaN requires logic, abstract reasoning, observation, and divergent thinking. The test consists of analogies among spatial, verbal, and numerical parts. Verbal solutions go in green spaces, numerical in orange, and spatial in blue. Each verbal space that needs a word answer, needs only 1 word. Special solutions go in round spaces (for example, a round orange space indicates that the solution is not simply a number). The size of a space does not indicate the size or orientation of a solution.
Most items require no more than basic knowledge. For a few items, a rapid web search could help. You can use any kind of reference material you like, but please work alone. Discussing the test with anyone except the test creator is strictly prohibited. The items are not arranged by level of difficulty.
Completely correct answers give 1 point. Partially correct answers give 1/2 or 1/3 point for problems with 2 or 3 parts respectively. Test scores are rounded to the nearest 0.1 point. Explanations are not needed, but are welcome.
The solutions are unique, but I'll consider alternative solutions for some items if they work well. I suggest a minimum of 15 hours to solve LDA-SWaN. Two submissions are allowed. Only the first is official with IQ reported. Have fun!
NOTE: Please, download the test file to work on it, because the version on this page is incomplete of the spaces for the solutions that could give a little clue to the resolution of the items.
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