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Logic-divergent analogies in space, words & numbers

Mixed-in-mixed High Range I.Q. Test

About the test

LDA-SWaN is a "mixed in mixed" high range IQ test, designed by Gianluigi Lombardi. It consists of thirty analogies and is looking for the most complete, and among them, the simplest solutions. It aims to measure reliably the general intelligence factor (g) between the first and fifth standard deviations above average. LDA-SWaN tests a mixture of abilities, most of which are g-loaded. Each question requires the use of a mixture of abilities cooperatively. It is designed to minimize culture dependence. Idioms in verbal parts are avoided to not disadvantage non-native English speakers.


Special thanks to Dalibor Marincic for designing certificates and logo. Special thanks to the first two beta-testees, Tom Plenningskold and Elena Aivazopoulou. Their precious support and feedback improved the test.


Thanks to the first four testees. Their submissions confirmed the quality of the test.
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