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Thank you for taking the time to solve LDA-SWaN. Please send the following information to
  • Full name and Country

  • Age & sex

  • Solutions

  • All prior I.Q. scores (test name, I.Q. sd15)

  • Time devoted on the test

  • Verification of Identity

You are kindly asked to send a scanned image or photo of your ID/Passport/Driving Licence having your full name, country and D.O.B. clearly visible, while the rest of the data can be masked. Please examine the news page before sending your submission.

Two submissions are allowed and you may use the answersheet to minimize the amount of pages sent. The first attempt is official and I.Q. is reported. The second is unofficial, I.Q. is not reported. You will receive your score report normally within 24 hours. Scoring costs 5 euros for each attempt until the first norm report at 30 testees. The test is free for anyone who provides a certified result on any supervised test. Payments are handled via Paypal using the buttons below. The price will rise to 10 euros per attempt after the first norm.

The initial 30 testees will receive their certificates after the first norm has been published.
Buy 1st attempt at 5€ via PayPal
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Buy 2nd attempt at 5€ via PayPal
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
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